How to tether a GoPro camera

GoPro make some really strong mounts such as their adhesive based helmet mounts and suction cup mount, but what happens to your prized GoPro camera when those mounts fail? Well, if you’re in deep power or out on the lake, there is a good chance your GoPro will be lost forever which is quite an expensive prospect. The black plastic clip on the bottom of GoPro cameras is definitely the weak point and it’s designed to break in a big crash (to lessen the chance of you damaging your neck or back from the camera catching on something); the suction cup can also let go without warning. The safest thing to do is to tether your GoPro camera to something in case the mount does let go. GoPro have know this for a long time, providing a tether point with their surfboard mounts for years. Now they have released a special tether kit that will work for a variety of applications.

GoPro tether and adhesive based anchor on a helmet.

The GoPro Tether Kit comes with five tethers and five adhesive based anchors that can be stuck on any flat-ish, smooth surface. The anchors use the same 3M VHB adhesive that is found on the GoPro curved and flat surface mounts, which we have found to be super strong. As mentioned above, it’s highly unlikely that the adhesive based mount will come off (as long as it was put on properly); it’s more like that the black plastic base on the bottom of the camera will snap so don’t worry about the attachment method of the mount and the anchor being the same.

Attaching the tether to your GoPro is the part that most people have trouble with, although it’s quite simple once you know how. All you have to do is the loop the tether (or any thin piece of cord or wire trace) through the middle of the door hing on the bottom of the camera and then back on itself and voila!, you have a tether on your GoPro camera. It’s a lot easier to do with either the black clip unscrewed from the bottom of the camera or with the rear door pulled off ( to do this, just open the rear door and pull it away from the camera… will pop out quite easily). Of course you don’t have to use the GoPro anchor points; if you have somewhere solid that you can tether to then you can just as easily use that as your anchor point.

Putting a tether on your GoPro is always a good idea when you are using it somewhere where you wont be able to find the camera if the mount lets go. If you are using your GoPro camera around water, you might also want to consider the GoPro Floaty Backdoor which is designed to keep you GoPro camera afloat and easy to find (it’s bright orange!).

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